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Country School Memories

Melfort and District Museum
Melfort, Saskatchewan

"Country School Memories" grew out of a research project conducted by the Melfort and District Museum. The purpose of that "Schools Project" was to collect images, data and memories from the over 80 schools that made up the Melfort School Unit #54–an area approximately 100 km (north to south) by 50 km (east to west), with Melfort, Saskatchewan situated roughly in the middle. This exhibit’s images and reminiscences are divided into five storylines: Starting the School, Getting to School, The Facility/Program, Recess/Noon Activities, and The Social Side. The time frame from which the content is taken is 1894 to 1966. This is not the story of one particular school, but rather an illustration of the experience that the rural culture produced. There were many problems to overcome, but the determined prairie people coped and the schools flourished–all with the necessary facilities, programs, staff and supplies. "Country School Memories" attempts to reflect some of this history.



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