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Carmacks, Yukon: A Northern Tutchone Homeland

Tagé Cho Hudän Interpretive Centre
Carmacks, Yukon Territory

The Northern Tutchone people have called the area around Carmacks, Yukon home for thousands of years. Before the arrival of Europeans, they governed their own lives and survived from the land by following Traditional Laws passed down for generations. The arrival of the K'uch'an ("Cloud People", i.e. white people) brought massive changes and terrible disempowerment. It is only in the modern era of land claims that Northern Tutchone have regained control of their lives. This story is about self-governance that existed for generations, was taken away, and is now being restored through years of stuggle. The exhibit is presented in three historical sections: Hudé Hudän - "Long Ago People", K'uch'an Adäw - "Arrival of Cloud People", and Akan Dzenu - "Life Today". Each section explores the events of these periods and the impacts they had on Northern Tuchone lives.



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