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Serving King and Country: Transcona`s Hometown Heroes

Transcona Historical Museum
Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Serving King and Country: Transcona’s Hometown Heroes" explores the experiences of a small, tightly knit railway town whose social consciousness was forever changed by the events of WWI and WWII. Transcona, Manitoba began as an industrial centre for the railway, home to one of the largest repair shops in Western Canada. During both wars, Transcona railway workers served King and Country through their work at the "Shops". In jobs that were deemed essential for the war effort, they helped maintain a national railway system that was vital to transport military troops and supplies across Canada. They also worked on secretive operations that included manufacturing munitions and building Canada’s only armour plated train. No family was untouched by the crisis as over 400 men from Transcona served in uniform (WWI) and over 800 men and women enlisted in the army, navy, air force, and merchant marine (WWII). Families supported each other, those in service, and the War Efforts Committee as they sent thousands of letters and comfort packages to those serving abroad. Of all the Transcona’s Hometown Heroes, 109 laid down their lives for King and Country. Their sacrifice has been immortalized in Transcona through monuments, plaques, parks, street names, and exhibits.



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