Curricular Expectations

Visual Arts, Grade 9, Open (AVI10)

  Complete Curricular Expectations


Emily Carr was a contemporary of the Group of Seven. She lived and painted while the Group was active, and she continued to paint well after the Group of Seven disbanded in 1932. Carr lived an interesting life and, like many artists, learning the details about her life can help us to better understand her art.

For this ArtiFACT assignment, your class will be divided into teams. Each team will follow these instructions:

  1. Research the details of Emily Carr's life and art.
  2. Prepare to criticize or defend two ArtiFACT statements about Emily Carr.
  3. Demonstrate your expertise in a twenty minute open classroom debate.

To build a case, your team is not restricted to evidence about the artist. Critical analysis, a study of elements and principles, and aesthetic theories of art may be useful as well.


  1. Begin with general facts and expand your search. Start with a review of the Artist's Statement, Biography, and Interpretation provided in the McMichael ArtiFACT.
  2. Record your evidence as you find it. Note key details in point form. Record the information as you find it, so that you can easily locate material when you need it later.
  3. Use key details like a detective uses clues. ArtiFACT material is only a starting point. Start with the FACTS and follow these steps:
    • Read the ArtiFACT for information about Emily Carr that can help expand your research.
    • Look for specific terms, dates, names, locations, and titles found in the ArtiFACT. Record information in your notebook.
    • Go to the library, and/or select a search engine and do a key word search on your computer. Use the information that you have collected about Emily Carr from ArtiFACT to perform your search.
    • Bookmark helpful websites. Record new facts that will support your argument.
    • Triple-check your information and sources. Check your research in at least two other locations to make sure your information is correct.
    • Click here for helpful research links.


Your team will prepare arguments for the following statements:

  1. Agree or disagree with the following statement about Emily Carr's painting, Shoreline.

    "The artist's presence is felt intensely throughout, yet her energy appears indistinguishable from the energy of nature itself. Every brush stroke expresses a joy in the harmony of all living things."
  2. Agree or disagree with the following statement by using information about the artist's life, and by comparing and contrasting Shoreline with other paintings by Emily Carr.

    "Shoreline (1936) epitomizes Carr's triumph over both personal and artistic obstacles."

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