Kenojuak Ashevak engraving on a metal plate, 1968
Photo by/Gift of Norman E. Hallendy, Mcmichael Canadian Art Collection Archives

1 Odette Leroux, Marion E. Jackson, and Minnie Aodla Freeman, eds., "Kenojuak Ashevak," in Inuit Women Artists: Voices from Cape Dorset. (Toronto: Douglas & McIntyre, 1994), 94

Kenojuak ...was born at Ikirashaq and grew up travelling from camp to camp on South Baffin Island and, for a short period, in Arctic Quebec. As a very young woman, Kenojuak was married to Johnniebo Ashevak. ...[They] moved to Cape Dorset in 1966 so their children could attend school, and they continued to work closely together until Johnniebo's death in 1972.

Kenojuak has had a total of 188 images published in thirty of the thirty-five Cape Dorset print collections issued since 1959... Kenojuak Ashevak continues to be very active in the arts and is currently exploring new themes and stylistic possibilities which promise to take her work in new directions in the future.1

A Demonstration of the Printmaking Process