Albert Palvik

Albert Palvik sitting on an ATV in front of his house, 1987. Photo: John Paskievich. Courtesy Inuit Art Centre, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (HI-36A87-2).

The various modes of transportation in Holman
The various modes of transportation in Holman

The various modes of transportation in Holman. Photos: Darlene Coward Wight, 2000.


The residents of Holman travel around their community mostly on snowmobiles and ATVs (all-terrain vehicles). There are some agency or government-owned trucks in the community. Dog-teams are still used for hunting. Motorboats are used in the waterways in the summer months. An airstrip accomodates large aircraft with regular airline service from Inuvik and Yellowknife.



Until fairly recently dog teams were the dominant mode of travel for hunting expeditions. People also walked long distances, with the dogs pulling sleds, or komatiks, loaded with supplies. When snowmobiles were introduced into the community in the late 1960s, hunting practices changed dramatically. Hunters could travel greater distances in shorter amounts of time to find game. Although more efficient, snowmobiles are also more expensive to operate and less reliable than dog teams. The use of dogs declined at first but are now slightly on the rise once again, especially for use in sport hunting. Hunting regulations set by the Canadian government specify that only dog teams can be used in sport-hunting of polar bear.



Driving a dog team

Driving a dog team.


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