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Janet Story - Talking about her mother being stuck with son.

Janet Story: Talking about her mother being stuck with her 8 month old son.

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I remember my mother telling me about traveling on the rail- on the Newfoundland Railway. It was in 1918 - early 1918, she come into St. John's to have my brother - from - she was living on the west coast and traveling back to Stephenville Crossing they got stuck on the Gaff Topsails with this eight month old child, and she was there for about five days. She was nursing him but meantime she had to supplement and she had no equipment on the train, so she managed somehow or other -with the- and how she managed the diapers, I have no idea, because they were not disposal in those days. But she was stuck there for four or five days with this small child. But they survived and the crew on the train were most helpful.