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Aiden Maloney - Departing on the coastal boats

Aiden Maloney: Talking about the people in the community departing on the coastal boats

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The other important aspects of - the - the event of the coastal boat in our lives, of course, is that - it - well as I say it brought us all the food and other things that we needed to obtain a lively hood. It brought people who had - our own people - who had been away working elsewhere - it brought them home and by the same token - it took- it took the people who were seeking work elsewhere. It was a means for them to travel to get to where they could move on. Say to the United States or to mainland Canada. And in my own particular family my great-grandfather was a doctor in the community and my uncle followed him, grand uncle. He was a doctor so for about all the years of my growing up there. - it - The occasion when they would be conveying somebody to hospital elsewhere for further treatment, and that's what I think, was always an event. So that again was an important thing.

The people of King's Cove, some of the men in King's Cove, instead of fishing in King's Cove would - fish - go to Labrador. So the vessel that came in - June to take - or July to take fisherman to Labrador would see a departure of the fathers in the community and some of the older boys - who - sons who went to Labrador. They would go there and fish during the July and August wouldn't return until - so it was a bit of a cleaning out of the of the older population during that period. In September there would be a few people departing - young people departing - for St. John's to go to the high schools or to colleges and there would be people departing to go in for jobs in St. John's or go into the United States, that sort of thing. So there was a bit of drama - in all the - in all the activities surrounding the arrival of the coastal boat.