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Aiden Maloney - Talking about the Card Games they Played

Aiden Maloney: Talking about the card games they played on the coastal boats.

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The other part, the social part, of the trip was that was inevitably I would meet a number of people who were in the business or people who were travelling for St. John's firms and there would be a game of cards - which they always referred to as a game of poker. But it was a game of five and ten cent poker. But it was enjoyable and sometimes members of the crew took part in the game - sometimes the captain himself and that generally took place in the dining room.

So - the - again the coastal service to a community like Ramea where -it was- everybody had to travel by that service. It was appreciated, looked forward to. Again - the - the locals would gather at the wharf where the coastal boat tied up to see the passengers and to - exp to - in the same manner as they did on the east coast in all the other communities. So it was again an interesting - an interesting social aspect of our life on the coast.