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Melvin Piercey - A trip from St. John's

Melvin Piercey speaks about his trip from St.John's

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You board in St. John's and you leave that evening 6 o'clock. And you start serving meals as soon as you get out over the tracks. We used to have big groups for dinner on the trains. I seen one trip, they sold one thousand pounds of salmon from St. John's to back. That was a lot of work for a shift and I was a waiter that trip, thank God. I took all the time now carrying it out to them. But it was our main meals on the trains. Salmon... right fresh salmon, pork chops, and roast beef, and roast pork. We cooked big meals then. You mention to some old people today they will tell you about the trains. The food was bought in St. John's. They had a store up in St. John's and you could stop in Clarenville, you could always pick up some more food.