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Fabian Kennedy - Maintenance of Way Department and tasks

Fabian Kennedy speaks of the Maintenance of Way Department and tasks

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In the Maintenance of Way Department, the Head of the Department was the Chief Engineer of the Railway. And... the Department itself was responsible for new construction, track, buildings and bridges, and any related structure that was required. The track was maintained by sectionmen and the section gang covered about roughly 10 miles of track, the section foreman was responsible for about 10 miles of track... and had a - usually had a three sectionmen with them and they traveled back and forth their section repairing and inspecting.

In the beginning, when I went with the railway there was a six day week. Sometime later on in the 1950's it went I think to a five day week. There was also in the bridges, a bridge gang steel workers who repaired existing bridges and installed any new bridges that were -had to be installed. And these guys were steel workers, most of them from around Avondale or Conception Harbour area. There were also bridge and building gangs who were carpenters and a lot of carpenters who did most of the construction. They were... there was carpenter gangs responsible for building maintenance and new building construction. And... there were gangs which had to maintain and repair culverts and waterways and this kind of stuff. That probably covers the work required from the maintenance way gangs.