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Fabian Kennedy - Track Upgrades

Fabian Kennedy speaks about Track Upgrades

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In 1923, after the Reid operation ceased and the Newfoundland government took over. There was a program of re-railing the rail. So the roadbed and track - so that there was a lot of improvement made to the track at the time. And that's when I... that's when seventy pound rail came in as opposed to... I think before that it was around 35 pound railway... rail. So there was a big improvement made on the track in 1923 up to 1930 maybe. And... and then the... then began a program of improving the roadbed. I wasn't around in those times so I go by memory of what might have happened. And then the war came in and everything... there was no, no... first of all there was no opportunity to work on the track the railroad was too busy and it was hard to get material, so it really deteriorated the next five, six years and after that it was rebuilt again.