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Larry Hickey - Unsung Heroes

Larry Hickey speaks about Unsung Heroes

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Aboard vessel we had a lot of people who did things. Those uh...that you would call in the sense of saving a person's life. We had several unsung heroes and I'd like to mention what I remember. Gerald Dunne was an engine room assistant on the S.S. Bar Haven. While tied off in the port called Push Through on the South Coast. I was off loading freight and taking passengers and dropping off passengers. Gerald came out of the hold or the engine room as an engine room assistant. And he came up on deck and he saw there was a bit of commotion on the go there. And this is where a child fell over between the... the ship and the dock. So Gerald being an excellent swimmer, he went over. He lowered himself down over the side of the ship. The space in between and came up with that little child. I believe the child was 5 or 6 years old - so that's one.

There's another, Frank Brion from Grand Bank. He was an Assistant Steward on the S.S. Bar Haven. So he was uh... up uh... the S.S. Bar Haven was up in Grand Bank where Frank lived. So he went up to see his family and that's a normal thing to do. And it was on the Sunday. And in those days that you always dressed in your Sunday's - your, your best suit. So I mean to visit his family and left to go on board the ship and he notices a person floating in the harbour. Now there's a commotion there. One of the passengers had jumped overboard and Frank jumped in and saved that passenger so he told me he ruined his new suit, he ruined his watch and never even got a thank you for anything. But that's the life, I guess.