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The World Wars

Aiden Maloney - Crowded boats during the war.

Aiden Maloney speaks about how crowded the boats could be during the war

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The coastal boat service on the south coast, of course, during the war years was pretty heavily pressed by the number of people who were travelling. First of all, of course - the service - the forces used the coastal boats and then there were people moving to Argentia and various other places where the bases were building. So it was not unusual for the boat to be crowded. In fact, sometimes overcrowded. And sometimes it was only by the virtue of friendship with members of the crew that one could get a place to sleep. And having travelled -at - by these boats for so many years. I got to know many of the officers, the chief steward, or the engineers or the captain. That if there was no berth available when the coastal boat came into Ramea, it wasn't long being made known to these officers that I had no berth for the night. And always somebody gave up their berth saying, "well I'm on duty tonight. Have my berth." Which - was interesting - again an interesting reflection of the times and - the - what developed between the people.