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Larry Hickey - Dining and Work Conditions

Larry Hickey speaks of Dining and Work Conditions

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After a hard days work, and having fed hundreds of passengers in the small space of the train and in the kitchen and... and trying to keep the sanitary conditions in place. After serving you know, so many people and doing the washing whatever that had to be done then it was time to retire. So where would they lay down? They didn't have a bed so you lay down on the chairs put together with a mattress about inch or 2 inches thick. And then you were on the Trans Canada with people coming through. So trying to get a good night sleep with people coming through, whatever, it wasn't easy. So then up on their feet again about 6:30 am and trying to get ready for breakfast. So you had a number of people for breakfast, and then you went through the same routine again until you got to Port aux Basques. This was the only break they had. So then you got to Port aux Basques and then there was work to be done... cleaning up or whatever you had to... you know... the boys in the kitchen and guys on the tables, the waiters, porters, everyone that worked there had to perform.