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Railway Employees

Wayne Greenland - Long line of Railway workers

Wayne Greenland speaks of a long line of Railway workers

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Hello, my name is Wayne Greenland. I come from a long line of CN and Newfoundland Railway people. For instance my Grandfather George Dyack who worked at the Newfoundland dock yard in the 1940's. He was from Scotland and he was a stone mason. So I guess he might have worked on the granite bridge abutments that they used to bring in the big chunk squares to work on. I had an Uncle Sam Dyack, who was at the Hotel Newfoundland when at that time it was called the Newfoundland Hotel which was run by the Reid Newfoundland Railway. I had a brother named David who worked three years on the Newfoundland passenger trains as a second cook and a waiter. And myself, Wayne Greenland, I started in 1965 for the CNT and worked all over Newfoundland on the passenger trains, freight yard, office work and so forth.