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Wayne Greenland - Trouter's Special

Wayne Greenland speaks of Trouter's Special

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Around 1980 to 83 - uh - CN decided to run special trains. And around the 24th of May - it was never on the 24th but it was the preceding Sunday - we ran the...I guess you would still call it the Trouter's Special. We would leave St. John's on this special day at 8:30 in the morning - get to Placentia about approximately 12:30. We would have four coaches, approximately forty-five people in a coach and we would spend all day going out to Dunville. I was engaged as a caterer. And what that means is that I supplied the passengers with refreshments on the way out and on the way back. And I usually took my family with me on this trip. We had the Mayor usually went out and many prominent citizens that respected the railway and the workers. One that comes to mind is Nelly Carter. She always left St. John's with her Union Jack wrapped around her and she was a real fine lady. When we got to Placentia, the Mayor out there, Bill Hogan - I believe his name was. He would have buses arranged to take us up to what we called then - it was the American Navel Base but it was the civilian side at that time in the early 80's and they would put down what we would call a spread and everybody would have a good time. Then they would get us a bus tour of the American Navel Facility and later on, approximately three o'clock, we would leave for St. John's again and would get back here just before 7.

Everybody was tired. We would pick up a few Trouters along the way. One memory comes to mind that we had a lady got onboard with a trout that she had caught. And we had another lady not far away disputed the size of it and they got into a hair pulling match. And I had to stand between the two ladies fighting over a trout. So that brought up a funny episode.