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Keith Collier - Plates on the Steam Engines

Keith Collier speaks of the plates that were on the steam engines

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One thing a lot of people really don't know about the Newfoundland Railway, is that a lot of the rolling stock and even some of the engines were actually built here in Saint John's by the Reid Newfoundland company.

Now this plate came off the engines, steam engine number 113 which was built here in Saint John's at the machine shops by the railway company. Engineers' boiler makers' number 8. It was built using running gear and materials supplied by Baldwin Locomotive Works out of Philadelphia. So it wasn't built from scratch here but the pieces were assembled and this is the plate that would have been affixed to it as a builder's plate.

Now this particular plate is interesting because it was found in 1977 by a couple of railway men in a bog hole at Ocean Pond about 50 miles outside Saint John's. So it's amazing, first off, how exactly did it end up in a bog hole in Ocean Pond we have no idea. And it's even more amazing it was actually found after all that time.