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Larry Hickey - Outport Hospitality

Larry Hickey Speaks of Outport Hosipitality

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I remember on the smaller vessel the first time I experienced. Now I grew up in St. John's, my mum came from Bay L'Argent, so I am familiar with... you know... the Bays, like Bay L'Argent. But not until I went on the coast, there would be fully - you know - understood - you know. Where they got to know the people and got to know the place, know the history and that's why I am a tour guide today because I'm so... you know... I love the history of Newfoundland, how we got here, when we got here, and who we are. But... I was on the Codroy - 1953 that was the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, 53 a lovely celebration of her.

We had... we had a fella, who was from Middle Bay Islands, and he was on deck with us and we were tied up overnight and he invited me over to his house to meet his mum and his dad. That's where we had the homemade bread, molasses and jams all homemade... you know... And I said to myself this is great, cause I never experienced that, only probably my grandma... you know... But here I was down on Middle Day Island - a stranger and that was my first taste of hospitality and - and Mrs. Tucker, she treated me and hugged me and we kissed just like my mother would do - you know - and you can't put a price tag on that, and that's the way it was. And thing is, to me on the coast, you know it's great you can't beat, I mean... you can't stop - we say - progress or whatever but when the roads came out in most places this changed a bit because a lot of the people were in... In those smaller places they were sort of, I always say, but people have little fun there, but here you are, you know - no way out, only by vessel. This is why you come to know everybody. But then when the roads came out, things changed, you wouldn't see as many people down on the dock, because there was no need, their freight came overland, whatever, their mail came the same way. You wouldn't see people as... as often looking for probably for something from Eaton's or... or... or Sears looking for a catalogue or whatever. But that changed, - but still the people - that changed in numbers but it still didn't change the people themselves, how great they were, and I have a lot of respect. That was my first taste of it right there, and I had many years of it, I really enjoyed it.