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Keith Collier - REO Speedwagon

Keith Collier speaks about the REO speedwagon

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This is a 1927 REO speed wagon. It was originally purchased by a pair of merchants from Mobile on the Southern Shore on the Avalon Peninsula. They were the Dillon Brothers and they were fish merchants. They used it in their day to day operations for years. They actually owned it for 45 years. In the 1970's, it was bought by a local business man named Richard Hibbs. He's a local businessman here in St. John's and he kept it in very good condition. And he did some restoration work and this truck actually is in driving condition it is still operable it's a 1927 model. So it is over 80 years old. And it's here at the museum because it kind of demonstrates the need for additional transports. The railway, of course, was tied to the rails so if you were a businessman in St. John's expecting a shipment in from say Grand Falls or Stephenville ... when it arrived here on a train in St. John's it would, of course, have been brought to your place of business. So even if you had a shipment here in the train yard, you would need to hire someone with a truck or send your own man down to complete delivery to your door. So and in the end it was really just one more advantage that road transport had over railway transport.