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Keith Collier - NL Railway Co. Dishes

Keith Collier speaks about the Newfound Railway Company Dishes

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One of the things the Newfoundland Railway was really well known for was fine dining. The dining cars were set often, as you can see, with fine silver and china. The chefs and stewards would use very fresh ingredients often sometimes actually purchased right along side of the track for things like game or fish. They'd be bought, as the train actually travelled across the island. People would dressed up in their Sunday best for the dinner service and it was really a very bright spot on what could be a very long and monotonous journey. It was a chance to sit down and enjoy a very fine meal - and as you can see from these very fine dishes laid out in front of me here.

This continued right from the Reid Newfoundland Company days as this silver platter shows its inscribed with the Reid Newfoundland Company logo. And then as we move along, we can see in 1923 when it was taken over by the Newfoundland government we have this logo that says Newfoundland or stands for Newfoundland Government Railway. That didn't last very long, and the Newfoundland Government Railway was officially changed to the Newfoundland Railway within 6 months of the government taking over the railway. And that's where we get these last few dishes in the collection here which were from the 1930's and 1940's.