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Larry Hickey - Accident

Larry tells of the accident at sea.

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I was Chief Steward on the Bar Haven in 1967 and I had my, my brother-in-law-to-be on the trip you know... 14-15 years old. He was in the next cabin and I of course had a Chief Steward's cabin, it was um... 5 o'clock in the morning. Now I'm a sound sleeper but I heard this grinding in my sleep or whatever. I could hear something and with that a knock came on the door.

Here was a night watchman. He was from the Steward Department and all was Steward Steward, Steward, Steward we're ashore, we're ashore on the rock or whatever. I, was jumping in to my uniform and I went into the next room to see my brother-in-law. He was snoring away and I woke him up. So then immediately I went up to the captain, Captain Wali Launch was on. And people, we had tourists on from the States and the mainland and this was good to see, they were lined up. This is good to see, they knew this was a problem and they were out of their bunks and up there with their life jacket on, on the assigned life boat.

So I met the mate and the captain and said to the skipper oh how are things - oh pretty good we just struck here and uh... we're going to wait for the tide is we're going to get off some how you know, so we did, we left there and we went into I think it was Lance St.Clair somewhere on the Labrador side and we had to try to uh... get rid of a lot of the freight because they had bunker C that was there was a hole that come up through there and all of bunker C was oozing up and a lot of the freight was just destroyed.

We got, we off loaded a lot of the stuff, good stuff that wasn't damaged in Lance St. Clair and we went on to Corner Brook where the, the passengers disembarked, including my brother-in-law and they uh... so they did took a lot of the stuff out of there, loaded the ship with uh... empty oil drums and whatever and uh ... put the um... and the hatches and the uh ... and whatever and those wedges because you had a canvas top canvas covering the hole see and wedges driven on the side so then we left to go to St. John's, so on the way down every now and then they had a plane for like a whatever thing came out to just check on us we're bobbin away but it did a lot of damage to the bottom you know... so uh... so that was one of the ones that I was involved with you know.