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Larry Hickey - Making Bunks

Larry Hickey tells of making bunks as a steward

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When a new person came on... one thing I failed to mention... in the cabins all of our cabins were clean towels, soaps, and whatever. While they was making the beds... now on... on the coastal boats we had... just narrow bunks and... and it was an art really known how to make a bunk. And we used to have competition time and... so and so he makes some bunk you know, but we used to put down the sheet covered over the mattress and the mattress was only about... oh... I would say about 30 inches wide is all and... and regular length and had a mattress cover on that and then we'd put the sheet - the white sheet down over that and then we'd put down just a hang out over the side. And then, you put down the sheet then a blanket then a counter pane, then you flip it over to the then take the top and then do the left and the right and you make it like 3 steps. Then you pull it down, then you spread it out and tuck it down and the... the band on top - we'd throw a quarter on and the quarter would flip over and we'd say that's a good tight bunk. And you had the ma... you had the pillows. We had the great feather pillows, fantastic and then we had... the like... the those... birch blankets, but... when you look at the bunk you get a guy or girl, later, mostly all the men left, and we have the stewardesses, they would make up and they would look beautiful