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Larry Hickey - Safety

Larry Hickey talks about safety

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Sometimes people you know... you meet them who are nervous... whatever and talk about you know... You're on this ship and talking about lifeboats, whatever. We never got, we never got to this stuff because everything in your... you know... we'd never say this is the lifeboat... or lifejacket. You're putting on it would scare the hell out of people. But in the cabins, you had your fire station and your life boat station. And we would wait... you, you would take a person to a cabin. They could see the life jacket, whatever, and they ask you many questions and they see the life jacket and they say, "oh I hope nothing's going to happen." And you say."no its not." But you know... how to put that on because the directions right here... you know... but when we would have every week, we had fire drill and boat drill. When the Baccalieu and the Burgeo sister ships, we had water tight doors down below. And it's not like today, you press a button and they close. Trying to squash someone between the doors. But we would go down below with a big wrench and haul on that door to close it... you know... and, and also opened the saloon. You opened a cap and you had like a T-bar and you close it like that but down below you had to get a hand to, but we're, we're aware of all that if something happened. Because you had a person, everyone of us had a job whether it's the fire and safety and/or lifeboat.