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Larry Hickey - Steward Shifts

Larry Hickey tell of stewards shifts

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It was in 1956 ... I think because this agreement came up ... a union agreement and in 3 months you get 14 days off. So ... 3 months that's ... that's a ... you're entitled to. I think it was 6 days a month. You got that off. So a trip was only 14 days. So a few extra days, you had in the bank. You were paid for it so that'd give you the extra time, so that was in '56 ... I believe it was. And in '59 ... in fact I voted against this 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off you know ... I said at the time, I couldn't see anything better than we had. I enjoyed it, loved it, but ... however, we got the two weeks on, two weeks off. This was great for married people with families you know ... but ... to me ... at the time. But ... I enjoyed it later because you gave ... more jobs and whatever.

But then again it had sort of to me ... a negative thing too, I guess. All the silverware that I had looked after one time there was no more, because you had new people coming and didn't ... I wouldn't say didn't value it ... but not like we did because we were the originals ... you know.. and I'm not saying we're any better than them, but this 2 weeks, on 2 weeks off ... you know we had new crew coming on to sort of change that little cluster of family ... you know ... And I'm not being selfish or anything but however, it worked out good. The 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off started. You worked 12 hours prior to that you, used to work 8 hours and then you got overtime and whatever you know ... But ... and ... in the steward department you worked ... 7 in the morning and after ... and then you had a break in the afternoon. I used to get an hour and half overtime and lay down, but now I wasn't the type to have naps in the afternoon cause I was afraid I was going to miss something