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Larry Hickey speaks about maternity

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Back in 1964 on board the um... the S.S. Burgeo, the S.S. Burgeo they had um... the usual number of passengers. This was in the fall of the year, not a - not a big crowd really but we had two ladies come on and they were maternity cases, and uh... and they came on up around the place called Hermitage and uh... we were heading for... for... um... Harbor Breton Hospital. But uh... at the time the wind came up there and the skipper figured he'd keep on the safe side we'd just stay in Hermitage for a while. And uh... so in the morning we'd uh... head out for uh... Harbor Breton Hospital. So we didn't have to do that first because at 6 o'clock in the morning we had uhm... one of the ladies had a little baby boy. And so the chief steward was up like, you know... like an expectant father - right (little laughter). Smoking like a tilt. Hoping that everything would be okay because the weather wasn't that good. But, however, at 6 o'clock that morning the stewardess had announced that we had a new addition to the crew - a baby boy. They took a collection up, you know... the staff aboard the ship - they got 14 dollars. That's a lot of money back in 1964. So we had a stewardess buy a gift for uh... that little baby. But not all you know... uh... maternity cases turned out that well. We had one lady on another trip who was so happy about uh... she was going down to the hospital to check it out but she lost her baby and that was a sad event. So you talk about the happy event, then you have the sad sort of a balance. So uhm... however, this little boy was born. That I've been looking... looking him up trying to find out where he is now today and I know where he is living so I was talking to him a little while ago (laughter).