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Wayne Greenland - Almost lost passenger

Wayne Greenland talks about almost losing a passenger

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Now this is a little episode that took place on a Trouter's special probably in the early 80's in May and it related to a passenger. As I did the catering on board, I usually take my 2 daughters with me and... uh... so that I would be relieved of looking after them I usually have a friend or associate who would look after my children. Well, this year we used my English babysitter. She was an elderly woman, well in her 60's then and her husband. So as the trip went on during the day as you know on this train alcohol was prohibited but people in the tradition of the trouter special... but just everybody had their own little flask or mickey with them, so up in the baggage car he came because you know he was friends of my babysitter's. And I had a couple of nice soft chairs that we were sitting in and he had his little drink with him or two and he sat in the chair to get air from the door. So I was working away doing whatever I had to do and the train was rocking back and forth and it was a real nice feeling. But when I looked, the chair he was sitting in has now positioned itself right opposite the big wide baggage door. I made a lurch to go over and stopped it from getting any closer when the train made a certain lurch. I just reached the gentleman, held onto his shoulder and the chair went over the side of the door and down over a big embankment. I said Holy God, what a... how would I explain this... losing a passenger through a door.