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Charles Chaytor - The Dining Servers

Charles Chaytor: Talking about how the dining servers had to present themselves.

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During the days we were stuck in the dining car - just a little note - that our service in the dining car - had to be - had to be maintained exceptional. Like for instance, we had to have the food prepared properly because of you know pies and stuff and everything on the go - and - and we had to make sure all the silverware and everything was cleaned. Our self we were dressed - in in - in black pants and white coat, as a waiter. That is the way we were told and had to do it. Because we had people coming down from Montreal and Quebec that - their - jobs were to inspect everybody. And they looked for - like for instance - at one particular time, I was the number two waiter and a number two waiter had a badge which was pinned in his left lapel as a number two waiter. For the same reason that if anything happened when this guy or these guys or these people said why I traveled on the Newfoundland, "Newfie Bullet" at the time she was called. And this number two waiter during the trip across to Port aux Basques - you know he was a bit - you know lenient. He didn't care too much about the passengers. And this is what used to happen. And we had to keep our shave - we had to shave, like for instance we were stuck up there for six days. All of us people at the time on the dinning car, we were really concerned because we were running short of shaving gear, like blades and stuff like that - and - and we had to have a neat appearance and we had to make sure that the people were served and looked after properly. Even when we were stuck and it was all free meals.

And we had a guy that was what you call a pantry man. He used to wash the dishes and - you know - that was a full time job. He was at it - we used to call him the "pearl diver" because he was all the time in the sink with his hands. And that particular case - you - this particular guy his name was Scott. - He - His arm swelled up so bad that you know he had to be treated with a doctor. Because of steady - in in in the pan - in the pantry, and steady - you know - into the washbasin.