All Aboard! Exploring the Newfoundland Railway

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View of Burgeo ca. 1920.
The mid-nineteenth century was a proud and poignant time for Burgeo. It was during this time that the Newfoundland government took the initiative to establish several professions here. Mr. Morris was the first doctor to set up practice helping the vulnerable and isolated folks on the south coast. The first hospital (Burgeo Cottage Hospital) was built in 1935 and was later replaced by a more modern facility called the Calder Health Care Centre in the early 1990s. The hospital's existence became the main reason for unscheduled stops by coastal boats seeking medical assistance for passengers. Louise Keen.
Aerial view of Burgeo, 2006.
In 1962 the famous Canadian, Farley Mowat, and his wife Claire took up residence and lived here for 5 years. The town of Burgeo and its neighbors along the south coast relied and depended upon the coastal boat service. These boats traversed the south coast from Port Aux Basques to Fortune disembarking at every inhabited port. This was a life line to the outside world for these isolated communities. 1979 saw the town and region become connected to the rest of the province by a 146 km road more commonly known as the Caribou Trail. Town of Burgeo.

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