All Aboard! Exploring the Newfoundland Railway

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Millertown Junction

Station in Millertown Junction, mid 1970s.
Millertown Junction was the place where the Buchans railway connected with the Newfoundland railway mainline and the connecting point for passengers to Millertown and Buchans. From 1928-1968 when the Buchans Mine was still in operation, there was a steady stream of passengers back and forth between the two railways, making Millertown Junction one of the busiest stations along the main line. The Newfoundland Railway agent and the Buchans Railway agent worked in their separate station buildings a hundred yards apart on the station platform, but they were in frequent contact with each other. Accommodation had to be provided for the passengers and the staff house provided it. Meeting the Express was always an exciting event for the local population. This was also a point where trains often were backed up when the tracks across the Gaff Topsails were blocked. CN Pensioners Collection.
Locomotive at the water tower in Millertown, mid 1970s.
CN Pensioners Collection

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