All Aboard! Exploring the Newfoundland Railway

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Harbour view of Cartwright, Labrador ca. 1900.

The community of Cartwright was established in 1775 by Captain George Cartwright. He was an English sailor and trader of fish and furs. The settlement he established provided him with an excellent sheltered harbour and the hills around the community gave him excellent lookout points from which he could keep an eye out for privateers. To guard the entrance into Cartwright harbour, he had two cannons installed on Flag Staff Hill. Both of these cannons can still be found at the same location today keeping watch over the harbour entrance.

In 1837 the Hudson Bay Company established its principal trading post in Cartwright and ever since it has been a main port of call for shipping vessels and fisher boats of all sort.

Many Cartwright residents contracted the Spanish influenza after the coastal steamer S.S. Sagona docked here on October 20, 1918. The virus quickly spread through the area and killed 69 of its residents. Coll-137, Archives and Manuscripts, QEII, Memorial University.

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