All Aboard! Exploring the Newfoundland Railway

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Port Blandford

Coastal boat beside train on bridge, possibly Port Blandford.
Settled first in the late 1870s it became a lumber and shipbuilding centre. When the railway went through in 1892, many people from surrounding areas were attracted to this new settlement. It became the railhead for Bonavista Bay and the terminal for the coastal steamers. Many railroad families started here, among them the Stones, Blackmores, Oldfords, Peddles, Hobbs, Holloways, Fords, Webbers, and Greenings. The railway provided much employment and by 1911 the population had increased to 465 from 193 in 1901. Daniel Pelley established a sawmill on Southwest River. This business, which included a shipyard and general merchandise store, was a major employer until its closure in the late 1970s. 24.01.006 Coll-137Archives and Manuscripts, QEII, Memorial University.

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