All Aboard! Exploring the Newfoundland Railway

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Hopedale Moravion Mission complex with coastal steamer pre 1920.

Hopedale, originally called Agvituk meaning "a place where there are whales," was first established in 1782 by Moravian Missionaries. They renamed the settlement Hopedale shortly afterwards. The Hopedale Mission building, which is still standing, is considered one of the oldest wooden-frame buildings in Canada east of Quebec.

Given the extreme isolation of the Labrador coastal communities the coastal boats were a very important lifeline for these communities. The Railway Coastal boat service to the northern part of the island and along the Labrador coast started usually in May, depending on the ice conditions. The Inuit of Hopedale regularly welcomed the S.S. Home, the S.S. Invermore, the S.S. Kyle, and other ships. 22.02.002 Coll-137, Archives and Manuscripts, QEII, Memorial University.

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