All Aboard! Exploring the Newfoundland Railway

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First Airport Building in Gander, 1930s.
Construction of the Newfoundland Airport, as Gander was called until 1940, started in 1936, and soon hundreds of men were employed in the building of the complex. By the outbreak of World War II in September 1939, Gander was operational. It was the only airport operating in Newfoundland and the Maritimes. During the war, thousands of military personnel were housed in hundreds of temporary buildings. Railway Coastal Museum.
Tracks running along the Gander train station, 1970s.
The railway played a very significant role in the construction of Gander. In a matter of ten years, a fast growing town had been built where there once stood only a shack for section men. A school was built in 1941. A massive building boom tried to meet the housing demand in the late 1940s and 1950s. The population was approximately 4,500 in 1954, and approximately 7,748 in 1961. Growth continued, and by 1986 the population was 12,000. CN Pensioners Collection.

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