All Aboard! Exploring the Newfoundland Railway

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S.S. Sagona approaches the wharf in Trinity, ca. 1930.
30.01.081 Coll-137, Archives and Manuscripts, QEII, Memorial University.
View of Trinity, 2008.
"...the best and largest harbour in all the Land." Robert Whitbourne, 1620. Trinity had been a viable fishing community for hundreds of years. Its safe and commodious harbour made Trinity a centre of trade and supplies for many of the fishing vessels plying the coastal waters in the area. By 1700, merchants from Poole, England made Trinity the base for a new-world fishery. The inshore, Grand Bank and Labrador fisheries sustained the community for many years. Lumbering, coopering, shipbuilding and other trades have also been prominent here. Ute Simon.

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