All Aboard! Exploring the Newfoundland Railway

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Roundhouse in Clarenville, 1939.
In many places the train's arrival was an event very much anticipated. Clarenville, where the Express from St. John's arrived between 11 o'clock and midnight, was one such station where the locals came to meet the train. The station platform was typically crowded with people when the train pulled in. CN Pensioners Collection.
Construction site of Splinter fleet, c. 1945.
A shortage of ships during World War II led the Government to establish a shipyard at Clarenville, where 10 wooden ships were constructed for the local Coastal trade and the West Indies trade. Named after Newfoundland communities, they were referred to as the Splinter Fleet. A.R. Penney Collection.
Front of train station Clarenville, 2007.
Wayne Greenland Collection.

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