All Aboard! Exploring the Newfoundland Railway

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Answer Key:
  1. When did the first train travel across Newfoundland? B (1898)
  2. Which was the name of the longest serving coastal boat? E (S.S. Glencoe)
  3. What rail gauge was used in Newfoundland? F (narrow)
  4. Who built the cross-island railway in Newfoundland? G (Reid)
  5. Which one of these towns was not a military base during WW2? A (Torbay)
  6. Which ship was the first to connect Newfoundland with Canada in 1898? H (S.S. Bruce)
  7. In what year was the St. John’s West Railway Station opened? C (1903)
  8. Which year did the last train run? D (1988)

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