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For many years the Newfoundland Railway provided the only means of travel by land across the Island. The Museum's large diorama takes the visitor through the actual railcars from the Newfoundland Railway. The various sections of a 1940s passenger train have been carefully restored. They offer a 90 foot full-scale replica of an:

The Museum also features an 11' x 16' working model of the Newfoundland Railway. It is based on the layout designed by Frank and Aubrey Rogers, whose father was a Newfoundland Railway engineer. In this model, the train travels across the Island from Port aux Basques to St. John's, showing the attractions along the route, as well as the changing seasons. The centre of the layout sports a reproduction of a busy railyard, complete with roundhouse and turntable.

The Museum also features a well-stocked gift shop with railway-related merchandise and books, as well as a wonderful selection of jewellery. The sales from the gift shop contribute greatly to the financial operations of the Museum.

Children's puppet theatre at the Railway Coastal Museum.
Theatre at the Museum which features films about the railway and coastal boats. Sometimes puppet shows are performed. Note the beautiful mural depicting the St. John's railyard in 1940. Ute Simon, 2008.
Two mannequins seated in the dining car diorama.
The dining car in the train diorama at the Railway Coastal Museum. Ute Simon, 2008.
Setting up the model train, 2003.
Setting up the model train prior to the Museum's opening, 2003. Railway Coastal Museum.