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Museums play an essential cultural and educational role in our society. They collect and preserve artefacts which represent the tangible and intangible aspects of our heritage. It is in a museum where you can experience the original objects of a certain era and explore the stories they tell.

At the Railway Coastal Museum you can interact with artefacts that comprise an integral part of Newfoundland's 100 year railway and coastal boat history. Here you can see a hard hat diving suit used in the St. John's dockyard for several decades. Here you can try your hand at composing a message using Morse code. Come see a steamer trunk and all its secret compartments that allowed a traveler to keep his belongings ordered and secure during the long and often treacherous journey by boat or train. Where else would you have the chance to see a train cut in half to show you precisely what such mode of transport looked like in the 1940s?

We invite you to view some of the many treasures of the Railway Coastal Museum. Each of these objects contributed in some way to the colourful history of the Province's railway history. Find out the stories it has to tell!

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