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Silver spoon handle with Newfoundland Railway insignia.

From the very beginning, the Newfoundland Railway provided excellent food services to its passengers on the trains and coastal boats. Travelers on the Overland Express, the train from St. John's to Port aux Basques, which took at least 26 hours, looked forward to the best food on the Island. The diner tables and the tables on a ship's saloon were elegantly set with white linens, silver cutlery, and crested china. The cooks took immense pride in preparing their excellent Newfoundland style dishes.

Social life onboard the trains and boats revolved around the lounge or "smokeroom". People played cards and told humorous tales of their travels and experience. Many ships had pianos onboard and these provided a much-appreciated means of entertainment, as passengers gathered to sing popular folk songs. Railway Coastal Museum

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