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Steam Engine

Learn more about train engines in Newfoundland!

Below is an image of a steam engine. See the diagrams below the image to discover more about the numbered regions of the engine!

Steam engine Diagram 1: Smokestack - The smokestack of a steam engine was built high on purpose. it helped keep the smoke away from the train and the passengers. close-up of smokestack of steam engine Diagram 2: Pistons - The steam moved the pistons inside cylinders. The pistons moved the rods. The used steam was guided out through the smoke stack. interior image of pistons Diagram 3: Warning Bell - The warning bell signelled people to move out of the way of the train. Diagram 4: Driving Rods - The driving rods turned the wheels. Diagram 5: Tender - The tender carried coal or wood for fuel or water to supply the boiler. Diagram 6: Truck - The truck was used to keep the tender on the track.

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