All Aboard! Exploring the Newfoundland Railway

The Museum

Museum Exhibits

1 - Entrance and Gift Shop of the museum

Video Tour of the entrance and the gift shop of the museum

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Welcome to the Railway Coastal Museum. As you enter a friendly staff will welcome you at the reception desk.

To your left is a display of train models of trains such as the ones used by the Newfoundland Railway between the 1920's and 1949.

A popular stop is the Museum's gift shop which is straight ahead. As you can see it is presently decorated for the holiday season. The Museum sells some wonderful jewellery and a wide variety of quality train-related merchandise such as maps, shirts, caps and other commemorative gift items, as well as books. It also features a children's toy section. Here you can find a souvenir of your museum visit. This shop has become a destination for local shoppers and contributes greatly to the operation of the Museum.