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6 - Platform and Train Diorama

Video Tour of the Train Diorama

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Here travellers would have awaited the arrival of the train when the trains were still running in Newfoundland. This area now features a 90 foot diorama which uses actual railcars from the Newfoundland Railway to illustrate what each type of railcar was like. The various sections of a 1940's passenger train have been carefully restored.

The train conductor welcomes you on board. In the daytime, sleeper passengers would sit facing each other in the comfortable seats as they travelled to their destinations. At night, the porter unlocked the upper berths and made them up along with the lower berths. Passengers preferred the lower berths which had windows and were easier to enter and exit.

The smoker was usually the social domain of men where they socialized, played cards and had a drink.

The dining car could accommodate 24 people sitting. Each table had its own window and was elegantly set with linen table cloths, silver service and crested Newfoundland Railway china. The Railway dining car was renowned for its tasty meals and excellent service.

The galley was fitted with a large cooking range, refrigerator, large work area and sink in order to produce the three meals a day for the train passengers.

The coach car had the capacity to seat up to fifty passengers. Each passenger had a comfortable recliner.

The mail car was closed off to everyone except the mailmen who was employed by the Royal Mail, not the Railway. It was their responsibility to ensure the efficient delivery and receipt of the mail.