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The Allen Sapp Gallery gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this on-line presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada

We would like to thank the following participants for their hard work and dedication to this project:

Allen and Margaret Sapp

City of North Battleford
Allen Sapp Gallery
Marcus Miller: Director
Kathy Dill - Technical Support
Roger Giesbrecht
Robin Dyck
Ruby Klassen
Claudette McQuire

Project Management
eClear Consulting
Marie Kjargaard
Joanne Weber

Cultural Consultants
Lyndon Tootoosis
Joseph Naytowhow
Ken Fineday
Dwayne Sapp

Edwin Tootoosis
Bernice and Wallace Semaganis
Jonas Semaganis
Josephine Frank
Simon Sapp
Irene Fineday

Dean Bauche - Writer
Gordon Tootoosis - English
Dwayne Sapp - Cree
Bernard Millette - French

M.R. Website Development Studio
Claude-Jean Harel
Kelly's Computer Works
Menno Fieguth Photography

Abyss Multimedia
Access Communications (formerly Battlefords Community Cablevision)
Chris Bajak - Video Editing
Wendy Hoffart
Charles Day
Bill Wells

Liz Myo - Cree
Dwayne Sapp - Cree
Ken Fineday - Cree
ECS Energy, Calculations & Solutions Inc. - French
Bernard Millette - French
Leanne Merkowsky - French