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Canada under the stars

Image: Star Internet site about the history of canadian astronomy. 'Canada under the Stars' virtual exhibit highlights aspects of the legacy left to us by the impassioned stargazers of our country. It is thanks to this legacy that modern Canadian astronomers have garnered a world-class reputation in the field of astronomy.

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Everyone has the Right: A Canadian and the Words that Changed the World

Image: Portrait of John Peters Humphrey

A virtual exhibit exploring the life of a Canadian, John Peters Humphrey, principal author of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948. He gave the world a vision, upholding the principle that every human is, by virtue of his or her humanity alone born free and equal in dignity and rights.


Image: Black soldierIn the 18th century, Black Canadians began a long journey, one composed of many human stories. These narratives encompass groundbreaking laws, acts of personal heroism, as well as years of steady and determined work. "On the Road North" tells just some of these stirring tales of idealism, courage and leadership.