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Object Name: Aircraft
Manufacturer: Want, Alf/ Cranwell College, Alberta
Date of Object, From: 1930
Date of Object, To: 1934
Subject/Image: Aircraft/ Crash
Description: Cranwell - C.L.A. 4 (Cranwell Light Aircraft #4) was originally built by students of Cranwell College in England which is an aviation school. This particular Cranwell was built by Alf Want in 1930 from plans supplied by the Croydon School of Aviation in England.. The aircraft was built in the basement of Alf Want's home. In 1931 upon completion of the fuselage a large hole was cut in the basement wall in order to get the plane out. It took Alf Want 4 years to build the plane and it was completed around 1930 to 1931. The Cranwell crashed at the Municipal (now City Centre) Airport in February 1934 due to icing. For more than 50 years it sat in Alf Want's garage until he donated it to the Museum in 1989 where restoration still continues. The original engine was a Cherub 3. A Velie M5 engine is used now developing 50 hp. This Cranwell is the last of these aircraft in the world.
History of Use: Want, Alf
Institution: Alberta Aviation Museum. Edmonton, Alberta
Accession Number: 2003-077-001
Category: 7: Distribution & Transportation Artifact
Sub-category: Aerospace Transportation -- Equipment