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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada Armoured Warrior
Armoured Warrior is a work of fiction based on the real-life experiences of Canadian tank crews that fought in North West Europe during the Second World War. Unlike their stories, however, YOU get to decide how this adventure will end. As the commander of a Sherman tank in the final days of the Normandy Campaign of 1944, you will live through some of the excitement, despair, brutality and sheer horror of one day’s fighting at the front.
This game uses the following plug-ins: QuickTime 4.x / 5.x
Creator(s): Canadian War Museum
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada Cloth & Clay: Communicating Culture - Back in Time Adventure
An interactive Back in Time Adventure story for younger users. Travel back in time to visit an ancient Maya city and a Chimu desert village.
Creator(s): Textile Museum of Canada; Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada Collections from Storage: A Visit to our Hidden Treasures - Games
The Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke, in partnership with the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC), has just produced a new online exhibit, as part of an initiative of Heritage Canada. This virtual exhibit lets you explore the reserve collection of the Musem. With just a “click” you can go wherever you wish, along corridors, looking in rooms, opening doors and drawers where tens of thousands of collections or objects and specimens are housed. The collection includes birds, mammals, insects, plants and Amerindian artefacts. A virtual visit, a thematic visit and games are different ways to discover these collections. Don’t miss this rare opportunity offered by the curator of the Museum.
Creator(s): Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke; Productions Multimage
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada Discover Quebec and Canadian Art
All elementary and secondary students and teachers, families and members of the public in Quebec and Canada can now appreciate the Museum’s collection through the new virtual exhibition, Discovering Quebec and Canadian Art. The exhibition presents over 200 flagship works from our collection and provides access to documents, biographies and audiovisual materials from the CBC/Radio-Canada Archives, not to mention fun interactive games.
Creator(s): Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada Do you have what it takes to be a Buckaroo?
The year is 1858. Gold has been discovered in the new Colony of British Columbia and thousands of gold seekers have flocked to the rugged territory. As a rancher in western Oregon, you watch with interest. The miners will have to be fed and you have hundreds of surplus cattle and there is a ready market in the goldfields of British Columbia. Unfortunately, getting the cattle there is a problem. There are mountains to cross, rivers to swim and hardships to endure. But, at the end of the trail, is the potential for huge profit. Do you have what it takes to be a BC buckaroo?
Creator(s): O’Keefe Ranch & Interior Heritage Society
Contributor(s): Zero One Design Inc.
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada Expedition Arctic
Canada is a great polar nation. Arctic or sub-arctic regions cover forty per cent of our land mass. Yet despite the fact that these regions are considered strategically important, most Canadians know almost nothing about them. Targeted to youth aged 14-29, the goal of this project is to make the Canadian Museum of Nature’s (CMN) Arctic collection and the research that goes on behind the scenes accessible through a journey of discovery and adventure. ExpeditionArctic.ca will join four of Canada’s leading scientists from the CMN as they travel with students from Students on Ice on an Arctic expedition to gather research, objects and educational materials to enrich the Arctic collection. Through an immersive virtual exhibition that can be accessed on the Web and iPad and Android Tablets, visitors will learn about the distinct flora, fauna, and paleontological history of Canada’s largest area.
Creator(s): Canadian Museum of Nature
Contributor(s): HabitatSeven
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada Interactive Investigator Game
Use your crime-solving skills to solve a heinous crime!
Executive producer:Canadian Heritage Information Network
Contributor(s): Royal Canadian Mounted Police; Carleton University; Musée de la civilisation; Musée de la Police de Montréal de l'île Bizard; Laboratoire de sciences judiciaires et de médecine légale; Vancouver Police Centennial Museum; Vancouver Police Department
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada Klondike: The Rush for Gold
In the summer of 1897 two ocean going steamers landed on the west coast of the United States. One ship, The Excelsior, landed in San Francisco and three days later The Portland landed in Seattle. Down the gangplank of these two ships went a rag-tag group of men and women carrying sacks of gold. Some walked down the docks with ,000 worth of gold while others had over ,000 worth. The miners told of the rich claims they had staked one year earlier on a series of small creeks flowing into the Klondike River. This new goldfield, in the northwest corner of Canada, was said to be the richest gold find in all of history with enough work for tens of thousands of people. There were stories of gold nuggets lying on the ground waiting to be picked up. One rich miner was to say, “With hardly any effort at all I'm coming out with ,000.” What could be easier? All you had to do was get there.The ensuing Klondike Gold Rush of 1897-1898 was the greatest gold rush in all of history and was said to be 'the last great adventure.' The Dawson City Museum presents a glimpse of the journey to the harsh north country of Alaska and Yukon. Do you have what it takes to make it to the Klondike? Become a virtual stampeder! Take the challenge and strike it rich or lose it all. Good luck, cheechako!
Creator(s): Dawson City Museum
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada Maison Saint-Gabriel, A Present From The Past!
The Montreal museum, Maison Saint-Gabriel has stood for most of the history of Montreal. As one of the original buildings on Ville-Montreal, the house stands as a living museum telling stories from the history of New France and Quebec. With exhibits from the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, Maison Saint-Gabriel is a monument that tells the history of Montreal, Quebec and New France.
This game uses the following plug-ins: Macromedia Shockwave Flash
Creator(s): Maison Saint-Gabriel
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada Pier 21: Canadian Immigration Process
Pier 21: Canadian Immigration Process is an online game designed to teach students about the process of immigrating to Canada during the era that Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia welcomed one million newcomers.
Creator(s): Pier 21 Society
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada Remembrances -- Kitbag Challenge and more!
Put your knowledge of military history to the test by outfitting Jenny and Johnny Canuck for various missions! Online and printable versions of crossword, trivia and word search games await!
This game uses the following plug-ins: Flash
Executive producer:Canadian Heritage Information Network
Creator(s):Air Force Heritage Museum and Air Park; CFB Gagetown Military Museum; Military Communications and Electronics Museum; Royal 22e Régiment Museum; Naval Museum of Québec; R C A F Memorial Museum; The Cameron Highlanders Of Ottawa Regimental Museum; The Museum of the Regiments
Contributor(s): Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) Regimental Museum; Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Regimental Museum and Archives; The King’s Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC) Museum; Calgary Highlanders Regimental Museum and Archives; The Naval Museum of Alberta; The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum; Canadian War Museum; Juno Beach Centre; Parks Canada; The Canadian Battle of Normandy Foundation; Veteran’s Affairs Canada; Organization of Military Museums of Canada
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada The Adventure Train!
The Canadian Train Game is a cross-Canada tour of railroad history. Crossing the entire continent, the transcontinental Canadian railway connected Halifax Nova Scotia on the Atlantic coast to Squamish British Columbia (near Vancouver) on the Pacific. From the days of the Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) to the Canadian National Railway (CN) and Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), the history, settlement and economy of Canada are tied to the rails and the goods carried on them. The tour ends at the driving of the last spike in Craigellachie British Columbia and shows William Van Horne's telegram to John A. MacDonald announcing the completion of the railroad.
This game uses the following plug-ins: Flash 5.x; Real Player 8.x
Executive producer:Canadian Heritage Information Network
Contributor(s): Canada Science and Technology Museum; Canadian Museum of Rail Travel-Cranbrook, B.C.; Canadian Railway Museum at Delson/Saint-Constant; Direction 2006; Nova Scotia Museum of Industry; Salem and Hillsborough Railroad Museum; Transport Canada; West Coast Railway Association; Department of Canadian Heritage, Heritage Policy Branch
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada The Cobalt Adventure
In the early 1900s, silver was discovered in northern Ontario, leading to the explosive birth of Cobalt, one of Canada's last frontier towns. As adventurers and investors from the far reaches of the globe poured into the small mining camp, issues of poverty, public health and labour unrest competed with the more glamorous stories of fabulous wealth. The Cobalt Adventure exhibit explores this exciting era through an interactive game in which players can enjoy a theatrical, role-playing experience that brings to life this dynamic period in Canadian history. Visitors to the site will have the opportunity to experience the dramas of the early Cobalt camp through the eyes of a struggling nurse, a hard-working prospector and an adventurous greenhorn. Players will have to make hard decisions for these three engaging characters in this choose-your own-adventure style game, some leading to fame and fortune, others to tragedy.The exhibit also provides an extensive gallery of historic photographs as well as thought-provoking background information and curriculum.
Creator(s): Cobalt Heritage Silver Trail
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada The Legends of the Depths
The Musée du Fjord’s production aimed at young people 9 to 15 years old, will be a novel and entertaining 3-D game that will take users down into the watery depths of Canada’s oceans, helping them discover a fascinating world where legend meets scientific fact. This immersion will continue in the more encyclopedic HTML version, which will take a light-hearted but well-documented look at legendary sea creatures. Built with leading-edge technology, the Web game will be based on exploring and learning of the tangible evidence of the existence of sea monsters. The production will be enhanced by an educational section adapted for Secondary school students. Ever since the dawn of time mankind has been captivated by sea and lake monsters, and while some are frightening chimerical creatures, others are very real, gigantic and astonishing. Still today, these monsters arouse our curiosity and interest. Canadian waters are the “Realm of Monsters”, home to gigantic, frightening, strange creatures that have long been the subjects of myths and legends: whales, sperm whales, narwhals, jellyfish, giant squids and octopi, great white sharks, enormous fish (sturgeons, oarfish, etc.), walruses, seals, and Steller’s sea cow. More frightening still are the enigmatic sea serpents that still today would haunt the waters of Newfoundland, Vancouver Island, and numerous lakes across Canada.
Creator(s): Musée du Fjord
Contributor(s): Nelson Cazeils; Paul Leblond; Jeffrey Gallant; Maritime museum of British-coloumbia; The Roomscorporation of Newfoundland and Labrador; Océaopolis; Réseau d'observation des mammifères marins; Jack Woolner et Tom Hurlbut; Allo Police; Nature 3M
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada The Trace Fossil Mystery
Trace Fossils give us insight into what ancient life and the environment was like. Learn all the details of which animals were responsible for these fossils, the different types of trace fossils, and even how to create your own casts and molds! Eastern Canada is very rich with a wide variety of trace fossils and you can find out which are most common, where they are located, and how they were created. The Trace Fossil Mystery will unlock some of the facts and explain everything you need to know about these clues from the past!
This game uses the following plug-ins: Flash
Creator(s): Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada Trees Inside Out
Trees Inside Out presents 3 main sections: From Root to Crown; The Living Tree and The Tree Story. Under Branching Out, there are 10 sub-sections, among which: Identifying trees, many interactive games, researchers profiles and articles.
Creator(s): Montreal Botanical Garden
Contributor(s): Centre d'Etude de la Foret
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Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada University of Alberta Museums KidZone
KidZone is an interactive web site for kids where they can go on mysterious adventures, play games and learn about research being done by University of Alberta professors. Children can gain a better understanding of what research entails and how it relates to our daily lives, and become familiar with museums in a university context. KidZone is hosted by the characters Wendy and Iggy who begin all their adventures in a clubhouse built in a backyard tree!
This game uses the following plug-ins: Macromedia Flash
Creator(s): Museums and Collections Services
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