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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to "A Community Storybook". Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
An old creased, stained and torn map of building lots in Aurora laid out on a grid depicting lot numbers and street names
A colour image taken from behind home plate in a baseball diamond. The majority of the image shows the red dirt of the ball diamond and behind it is the grass of the outfield with a fence bordering it. In the background there is a row of mature trees and a small building close to the center of the image.
The skin of a drum dislodged from the drum body with painted blue lettering
A somewhat blurry black and white photograph of a large gathering of people, most with their backs facing the camera, in a park surrounding a raised platform at the left side with four posts bearing Union Jack flags, upon which are seated about a dozen people; large white clad building and several trees and houses in the background. In the foreground there are two boys on the grass dressed in military style uniform.
A black and white photograph of two horses and riders in a park that are simultaneously jumping over a piece of wood that is raised approximately 1 metre off the ground and is being held by two white wooden stands that are parallel to one another. The rider on the right is a man and the rider on the left is a woman. In the background people are looking on from the other side of a chest height wooden fence.
A black and white newspaper clipping of text and an image of a maple leaf.
A horizontally oriented paper poster with a brown background and soft text advertising a football match in Town Park. The poster is significantly ripped along the two side edges as well as the top edge.
A black and white photograph of a bandshell consisting of a raised concrete platform reached via two sets of five stairs on either end at the front, the whole covered by a parabolic shaped roof supported by two curved arches; a band performs on the platform
A colour photograph of a large outdoor ice rink in a park surrounded by small banks of snow; a bandstand, school building, houses and baseball diamond visible in the background
A colour photograph of a white clad rectangular building with pitched roof showing two sides of the building; a flagpole, commemorative plaque and street sign reading Mosley St and Larmont St are in the lower left corner
A colour image with a row of cadets marching in a park. They are close to the right hand side of the photo and are marching in the direction of the person taking the photo. On the left hand side of the image there is a crowd of onlookers who are watching the cadets and the roof of a bandshell is visible behind them. In the background some houses are visible as well as mature trees.
Black and white image of a girl standing in a large field with chalk lines on the grass. She is in the centre of the photograph and has a banner of track and field ribbons draped over her right shoulder. In the background on the left side there is a man and a woman each riding a bike across the field, on the right side is a group of kids playing in a crowd. A two-storey school house is also visiable in the background surrounded by mature trees.
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