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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to "A Community Storybook". Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
A black and white photograph of a man seated on an arm chair and holding an open book in his lap; he wears glasses and a suit
A black and white photograph of a man standing behind a short haired white terrier dog that is tethered on a raised platform; the man holds a brush in his left hand and is wearing a hat, shirt and tie under a white apron; a wooden structure is in the back , the number 4 stenciled on a horizontal plank
A rectangular cream coloured document with black printed lettering featuring a table of six columns and eleven rows in the centre
The front cover of a small rectangular program consisting of black lettering printed on a gold background with engraved illustrations of a horse and a cow all enclosed within a printed rectangular border
A creamed coloured piece of paper with black and white printed lettering listing the schedule of events for VE Day in Aurora
A rectangular enameled metal badge with silk ribbon attached to the bottom; the badge consists of a black and white photographic view of the main street of a town with buildings on either side set in a gold border surrounded by gold lettering and maple leaf designs on all four sides, a gold beaver design sits on the top; the silk ribbon is a light colour with blue lettering in three rows across the bottom; a smaller cream coloured ribbon sits on top of the ribbon directly underneath the badge and bears typed lettering in two rows.
A colour photograph of seven young children and one woman carrying a baby play in splash pad consisting of a painted blue oval surface with central green pole supporting five red buckets in a spoke pattern that are being filled with water; eight painted circles on the surface of the pad feature water spouts and one a green waterpump; entire area surrounded by interlocking grey stones; several people visible along the edges; large rectangular white wooden building in the background along with trees, grass and two houses
A colour photograph of a covered bandstand structure roughly square in shape with raised concrete platform, pitched wooden roof supported on ten columns along sides and central wooden and brick wall like structure; a Canadian flag on a pole stands adjacent to the front right corner; grass, trees and fencing visible in the background
A colour photograph of three girls in brightly coloured snowsuits sitting on bleachers in a park; two girls have a container of french fries and a covered paper beverage container in front of them; an inflatable figure of a referee, several people and tents in the background
A black and white photograph of a group of boys in football uniforms spread out across a grass field; houses are visible in the background behind a picket fence and a row of trees
A black and white photograph of a bandshell consisting of a raised concrete platform reached via two sets of five stairs on either end at the front, the whole covered by a parabolic shaped roof supported by two curved arches; a band performs on the platform
A black and white photograph of a group of young boys in uniforms with rifles, lined up in a single row; two small boys and several men, some in uniform, observe from the right side; a large rectangular wooden building and several houses visible in the background
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