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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to "A Community Storybook". Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
A colour photograph taken from above of a group of students dressed in red or white standing on grass in the formation of the Canadian flag
A black and white photograph of a woman, young boy and a horse standing in a park; several cars, buildings and people are in the background behind a temporary fence
A newspaper clipping reporting on the crowds viewing lacrosse and baseball matches without paying
A clipping from a newspaper detailing celebratory events following news of the declaration of peace in South Africa in 1902
A black and white photo of a male baseball team posing in two rows, with the front row seated on the grass, in front of a wooden building; 10 men wear uniforms with the BEST Everyday SHOE written on front, two men stand at either end of back row in dress clothing
A pair of blue silk ribbons with gold lettering each bearing a secondary overlay of cream silk ribbon with gold lettering both ribbons bound together at the top with a gold rectangular frame enclosing a piece of paper with a typed name
The cover of a program printed in black ink on cream paper depicting a drawing of a horse's head set against a red background together with printed details concerning the event
Two black and white photographs of a bonfire in a park setting; top image taken during the day depicts a large pile of wooden items surrounded by a temporary snow fence; bottom photo take at night depicts a lit bonfire with numerous people gathered around
A black and white photograph of group of nine boys wearing shorts and tank tops running in lanes painted on grass in a park setting; large rectangular wooden building with a few spectators and cars in the background
A somewhat blurry black and white photograph of a ten piece male band wearing dress suits and ties, sitting behind covered music stands, on two levels on a raised double platform; the music stands and background covered by panels of paper or fabric vertical strips giving a shimmering effect; piano and player at bottom left
A black and white advertisement for wrestling matches containing written details about the event on the right and a photograph on the left of a man wearing tight fitting shorts, socks and boots standing in an aggressive lunge forward position
A colour image of a birds eye view of a park taken in the fall showing trees a playground and splash pad in the lower left, large rectangular white clad building with grey roof lower right, covered bandstand upper right and baseball diamond with lighting upper left; houses and buildings are visible in the background
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